John didn't know Tupi is spoken in Brazil.

I'm sorry, but could you buy me some bread?

Bradley wanted Terrance to cook him something to eat.


Can I borrow your jump drive?

Life is boring in a small village.

Monica told the police that Masanao was missing.

Jim is in my black book.

Why can't you be more like them?

Leif doesn't get along with anybody at work.

Sho never mentions his children in his blog posts.

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Investigators foiled a plot to hijack an airplane.


Panos doesn't drive as fast as Carisa.

We translated the report from English into Afrikaans.

The more I thought about the problem, the more difficult it seemed.

I just need to do this.

The mayor appropriated city money for his own use.

Is that so much to ask?

He has drawn up a will.

I'd like to forget the whole thing ever happened.

She cooked vegetable soup last night.

We've got other things to take care of.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Sakamoto.


French is a very difficult language for me.

My older brother wants to study abroad.

I feel stupid.

I'm unfamiliar with that word.

The dress will get crinkled on the way to the ceremony.


Health is above wealth, for the former is more important than the latter.

You shouldn't trust people like this.

I think it's obvious, don't you?

Ralph quickly became very famous.

Carolyn is twice as old as me.

My belief is that she has never told a lie.

We haven't actually discussed the problem yet.

I'm one of the dancers.

Crank up the heater.

I thought that Elvis might be breaking the contract.

We have a magnificent view of the ocean from our hotel room.


Those present were almost all women.


The school stands about one mile off.

I've already invested a lot of money into my home.

I'm waiting for his telephone call.

I know you think this is a stupid thing to do, but I plan to do it anyway.

From an ethical point of view, the great principle of technology is "responsibility to the present" but the new way of thinking, "responsibility to the future" has emerged.

Don't you want to graduate?

Take your umbrella because it is cloudy.

Just bring me the ink, will you?

Stephan said not to talk to you.

Srinivas bought me a drink.

I bought this from the supermarket.

I didn't want to worry them.

Tahsin gave Phill plenty of time.

I'll never see him again.

The boy gave up his seat to the old man on the bus.

Terry had to keep his relationship with Elliott a secret.

Who cares what Niall said?

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The people revolted against their rulers.

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I don't think we're going to make it to your party.

They could not stop the southern attack.

Teenagers are often said to have raging hormones.

I will never apologize for the United States of America, ever. I don't care what the facts are.

Who is the greatest tennis player of all time, Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal?


The police are believed to have arrested the wrong woman.

I don't prefer to wear red lipstick.

Mother Nature is beautiful.

Let's quit fighting before somebody gets hurt.

Raphael wondered why his wife left him.

Have you ever petted a snake?

Would you like meat or fish?


May I sit here?

I'll make some peanut butter.

Is that going to be a problem for you, too?

I made believe that I supported him.

We remind you that all library books are due to be returned by 15th October.

I don't trust anyone anymore.

The bus was late by ten minutes.

What do you think really happened?

There's not much more to add.

Miltos wants me to come back to see him tomorrow.

Eyes sometimes talk louder than words.

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I cannot think any other way.

Please drop in on us when you come this way.

"Climb back from the comment area, I feel lonely and I'm scared!" shouted Noam, anxious.

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I'd like to see her now.

My son is in preschool.

Would you teach me how to do that?

Can I bring Luc?

Let's be together forever.

Every language has its own design.

Do you realize what time it is?


It's a good conversation starter.

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Peter had a farm not too far from Boston.

You were the only person that was ever nice to me.

How do you want to die?


Let's think you do this not for him but for me.

I only have this briefcase.

Do you like dancing?

Mother asked the babysitter to watch the children.

Few people get knocked down and run over in the pedestrian precincts which have been created in most city centres.


My opinion doesn't count for much at the office.


I'm invited to Hsuan's party tonight.

Having done the work, she has nothing to do.

There are many orange fishes in the river.


That's plenty.

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Bobby opened the door to the interrogation room.

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What's under the blanket?

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What I can't make out is why you have changed your mind.

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The owners want you out of this house by next Monday.

It's really cool here.

I hope for John to come.

I haven't really thought about it.

I can't just leave Bruce there.

Cats can see when it is dark.

Sentences can teach us a lot. Much more than just words.

I almost got a perfect score.

It looks like Marsh's been a busy man.

Tatoeba: Better to make no sense than no sentence!

Mehrdad and only Kathy really knows what happened.


The art of progress is to preserve order amid change, and to preserve change amid order.


Let's wait and see.


Look at the girl whose hair is long.

This is the opposite of what I expected.

No one laughed.

I just need to talk to him.

The alternatives are liberty and death.

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Do you intend to pursue your education?


Could it happen?

Can you recommend a good place to eat Korean food?

Sunil almost choked on his tea.

The trouble is that my watch gains three minutes a day.

We stayed at a hotel surrounded by trees.

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Everyone on board was safe.

Let's leave tomorrow morning.

He doesn't come here anymore.

She sat on the floor, her eyes closed.

You must do it.

I have had an inspiration.

Will you have a cup of coffee?

Suwandi slit open the envelope.

Vernon was escorted to the helicopter.

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!

It is fun to know that the beauty of Japanese gardens can't be found in other cultures.

Charles couldn't remember the name of the place where he met Audrey.

What does your son want to be when he grows up?

Are you sure it's not the other way around?

I'm not even sure who he is.

This tent is perfect for two people.

I don't feel much like talking.

You have the right to be creative.

Is this credit card accepted internationally?

Allow me to introduce myself.

I couldn't do what you do.

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How far do you live from here?


Take down the main points of the speech.

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I have several good friends.

Meet me in the bar.

Jeannie went back to the drawing board.

I sneeze all the time.

What did you do to Will?

I look like a reindeer.

Merril told Walt he'd help her.

Doesn't Cole like girls?

He was absent from school on account of illness.


What do you know about Tatoeba?

You're all to blame.

She tends to plunge into new challenges head first.